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Bidding Service

You have found the right property and auction day is looming. This doesn’t have to be a daunting process if you are in professional hands.  

Whether it be that you prefer your anonymity, are not in a geographical position to attend the auction or just feel that bidding at an auction isn’t your cup of tea.  

Our years of auction bidding experience has seen success for hundreds of buyers saving them money and hassle for a minimal outlay. Our professional bidding techniques and strategies will give you the best chance of being the proud owners of a new home or investment property.

Complimentary initial meeting

Book a meeting online with one of our advisors

Want to take the next step ?

We are happy to meet with you at our office or a convenient location for a complimentary, no obligation meeting. We will discuss your property aspirations and how our team can assist you on the journey for a successful property transaction