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We offer a confidential, personalised and independent property services for our clients specialising in finding and securing investment properties, family homes or first homes. We have glowing reviews from our clients who appreciate the value of having experts guide you through some of the largest transactions of your life.

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At The Property Bureau, we are a team of independent Property Consultants who offer expert, impartial and unbiased advice on all aspects of the property buying process. Our aim is to help you find the right property and negotiate the best possible terms, ensuring that you make an informed and confident decision. With our objective approach, you can trust that our recommendations are solely based on your best interests.

Buying Home

We are a leading buyers agent in Melbourne, offering a range of services to assist you in purchasing an investment property or a house. Our comprehensive service provides you with the flexibility to be involved as much or as little as you prefer. Once we have ascertained your requirements, we begin searching.

Buying Investment Property

Whether buying an individual property, a development opportunity, or building a portfolio of carefully identified investments, we will make sure your holdings in bricks and mortar have the strongest possible foundations for future returns.

Property Management

If you are frustrated with the seemingly endless stream of junior property managers handling your valuable investment property, The Property Bureau is your solution. With 10 years’ experience managing residential and commercial properties we have the knowledge, care and experience.

Vendor Advisory

Navigating Melbourne’s dynamic property landscape can be challenging. Let The Property Bureau be your trusted guide. Our Vendor Advisory Service offers a blend of rich industry experience and personalised consultation, ensuring your property doesn’t just meet the market, it leads it.

Customers Reviews

Kristy is fantastic. Very professional and full of practical advice – she got to know us and was able to point us in the right direction to a property that would suit our investment needs. Very experienced and knowledgeable about property in Melbourne. Would definitely recommend her to our friends!

Alastair and The Property Bureau made buying our first home a breeze. With a baby on the way we had enough things to worry about, Alastair was extremely knowledgeable about the property market and was also able to source off market listings for us.

It was an incredible experience having the team working for us during our first home-buying journey. Kristy’s knowledge, passion and expertise made the process so seamless. Using Kristy to bid on our behalf was the best decision using her experience to secure the winning bid!

The Buying Process

We Get To Know You

We begin by arranging a meeting with you (in person or virtual) to gain a thorough comprehension of your goals and aspirations. We offer guidance on the current property market trends and recommend areas where you can maximise your budge.

Arrange Finance

Work with a finance broker to coordinate finance pre‐ approval paperwork. Submit pre‐approval documentation awaiting official pre‐approval. TPB can recommend mortgage brokers is required.

Confirm Strategy

Meet with your property advisor to confirm the strategy, advise of budget, finance restrictions & timeframe for the purchase. Sign paperwork to officially appoint TPB.

Search Begins

Property Bureau begins the search process as outlined in the strategy and stays in regular communication with you to advise of any potential properties. Property report is prepared as part of due diligence process.

Properties Found

Suitable property(s) identified, property advisor to walk you through the property, provide property report and discuss the pros/cons of the property so you can make an informed decision.

Auction Ready

TPB to finalise due diligence – solicitor/conveyancer to review contract, arrange building inspection, negotiate purchase terms with agent, give recommendation for purchase limit, prepare Power of Attorney if required.

Purchase Property

TPB successfully bids at auction or negotiates a private sale. We encourage our clients to attend the auction to spectate and sign sale documentation. Crack the champagne!


Solicitor/conveyancer and mortgage broker to liaise to coordinate settlement on due date. Property advisor to arrange the pre‐ settlement inspection in the two weeks leading up to settlement. Arrange relevant insurance cover.

Move In Or Lease

Collect keys from selling agent once settlement has been confirmed. Either move in or give keys to appointed Property Management company as part of the leasing process.

Portfolio Review

TPB to conduct annual property portfolio review to advise client on how the property has performed over the last 12 months. Recommendations given on ways to continue to improve growth/rental yield. Market overview and forecast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A buying agent is someone who acts exclusively on behalf of the buyer. Buying agents help buyers to understand the market, source the right property – sometimes off-market, negotiate the best/lowest price and then manage and oversee the entire process. At The Property Bureau, we pride ourselves on understanding your property goals and assisting you to obtain them.

Sourcing property is a very time consuming and frustrating process. A reputable buyer’s agent will not only help you save valuable time and money, but also ensure you end up finding the right property for you, and one that meets all of your requirements. Buying agents are able to access more than just what’s online, we also have solid relationships with agents across Melbourne so we are kept informed of exclusive off market or pre market listings.

The duration of the property buying process hinges on various elements, such as your preferences, your budget, and whether the property is for personal use or investment. Typically, the span from initiating the process to finalising the purchase ranges from 1 to 4 months, in addition to the settlement period. However, this timeline can fluctuate depending on the specifics of your situation.

We provide assistance to clients aiming to buy or sell property throughout metropolitan Melbourne and, on occasion, in Regional areas as well. Our primary area of concentration is within the Inner to Middle suburbs of Melbourne.

At Property Bureau, we deliver complete support throughout your property buying or selling experience. As your dedicated buyer’s agent in Melbourne, you can anticipate transparent, consistent, and straightforward communication. Our team of real estate professionals will equip you with sound advice throughout your property journey.

Choosing Property Bureau will enable you to save time and money while minimising stress. Enhance your confidence in real estate transactions and make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Trust us, as your reliable buyer’s agent in Melbourne, to streamline and enrich your property journey.

Property investment is a long-term endeavour, so the optimal time to buy is when you feel fully prepared. In Melbourne, we carefully examine the multitude of ‘mini markets’ within each suburb, taking these into consideration alongside your personal circumstances. This meticulous approach ensures we deliver the most suitable advice for your individual situation in Melbourne’s diverse real estate landscape.

Absolutely! Buyer Agents are an invaluable resource for anyone considering buying a home. A Buyer Agent can help you navigate the complexities of real estate purchasing, from finding your dream property to negotiating contracts and closing on the deal.

First, a Buyer Agent provides expert knowledge of the local market – in terms of both current trends and future forecasts. They understand local neighbourhoods, schools and other important details that may affect your decision-making process. So if you’re looking to buy in a specific area, they’ll have valuable insight into what is selling best in that area right now – or soon might be selling best – so you can make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

Second, a buyer agent helps manage negotiations so that your interests as a buyer are met throughout the entire process – from making an offer to finalising closing costs and everything else related to getting the home at its ideal purchase price within required timelines.

We offer initial consultations at no charge. For our Property Advisory and Buyer’s Advocacy services, we have a pre-determined engagement fee. Furthermore, upon successful acquisition of a property, we levy a commission that is agreed upon before we begin providing our services. Since each client’s requirements are unique and our fees differ for each service, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

Yes, all our buyer’s agents are licensed professionals and operate under strict industry regulations.

A Vendor’s Advocate serves to alleviate the stress associated with selling your home or investment property. They offer comprehensive assistance through every stage of the sale, including pre-sale preparation guidance, conducting interviews with selling agents, helping with agent selection, and advising on the selling agent’s commission as well as marketing and advertising strategies. In collaboration with the selling agent, a vendor’s advocate aims to maximise your selling price, providing support throughout the entire sales campaign and standing by your side during auctions or when negotiating offers.

The most remarkable aspect is that this invaluable service doesn’t add extra costs on top of the selling agent’s commission; instead, we share the commission with the agent. Thus, there’s absolutely no downside to engaging a vendor’s advocate in your property sale.

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If you have any questions or uncertainties about purchasing a property, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional buyers agent. They can provide you with expert guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions. Give us a call today and let us assist you in achieving your property goals!

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