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Carpe Diem Vendors !

Melbourne Buyers Agent. Carpe Diem Vendors !

For any ‘would be’ property vendors out there, it has seemed like an eternity that the property market has been in hibernation.  Now it is time to come out of the bear cave and face the world.

The tighter credit environment particularly for investors has paved the way for homebuyers and first homebuyers in particular to enjoy relatively low levels of competition in the property market.  Things might now finally be on the precipice of balancing out. With record low interest rates, the potential relaxing of lending criteria, certainty back in the political landscape and the typical seasonal upturn in the market come Spring, we are anticipating buyers will be back and ready to capitalise on stock before price rises become the next major media talking point.

In the last two months we have noticed an improvement in buyer sentiment which is a tip off that the property market is rallying after a couple of years of stagnation and negativity.  For any potential vendors out there, who have held off on listing your property for sale out of fear of a mediocre or non-existent result, now is the time to get your property prepared for sale before the Spring market is in full swing.  Property presentation is crucial to a successful campaign as buyers although starved of quality stock, are still selective and will only pay a premium for property that ticks all their boxes.

It can be a savvy decision to beat your competition to the punch and seize the buyers who have been starved of property choices in recent times rather than have your property competing against the inevitable increase in stock later in Spring.  Mike Williams, specialist Vendor Advocate with The Property Bureau urges vendors to strike early in the spring season “Right now may be the best time to get your property prepared to sell in my experience, as there is pend up demand from buyers due to lack of quality stock since early in the year. This creates urgency and competition for the properties that are first cabs off the rank in Spring.”  We recommend getting a jump on property presentation now, so your property is ready to list, market and sell in mid to late August or early September.   With warmer weather on the horizon and gardens in full bloom, Spring is an optimal time to sell your property.

If you are thinking of selling your home or investment property, consider engaging the services of The Property Bureau who offer independent and experienced Vendor Advisory service at no extra cost to you.  It makes sense!

About the author

Kristy prides herself on making her clients feel welcome, understood and in safe hands from their very first meeting.  Her 16 years of residential and commercial experience in the Melbourne property market has taught her to ensure every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed and how imperative this is when transacting property. 

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