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When the time has come to sell your family home to suit your changing needs, The Property Bureau is here to help. Whether you are in the market for smaller, lower maintenance home or something that is closer to your family and friends, finding the right home for your next stage of your life is crucial.  

We understand this is often an emotional decision, so we are here to help guide you through the process to minimise stress and maximise profit. Our primary focus is to ‘hold your hand’ throughout the process to eliminate any anxiety that can come with selling a beloved asset.



Your cupboards are bursting, and the courtyard just doesn’t cut if for backyard footy, now could be the time to sell your current home and upsize into something a little more comfortable. Our role as your vendor advisor is to guide you through the selling process from beginning to end.  

Our years of experience working as buyers agents and sellers agents ensures we have your best interests as our number one priority. A strategic sales campaign can make a huge difference to the final sale price.


Investment portfolio divestment

The time has come to dispose of your investment property(s), understandably your primary goal is to maximise profit. It is pertinent to tread carefully and seek professional advice from an advisory company that sees all angles of the market as buyers advocates and vendor advocates.  

We offer advice on presentation of the property, tenancy issues and all elements of a successful sales campaign. The selling process and how professionally and strategically it is handled is crucial to your investment success.

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We are happy to meet with you at our office or a convenient location for a complimentary, no obligation meeting. We will discuss your property aspirations and how our team can assist you on the journey for a successful property transaction