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Property Management

If you are frustrated with the seemingly endless stream of junior property managers handling your valuable investment property, The Property Bureau is your solution. 

With 10 years’ experience managing residential and commercial properties we have the knowledge, care and experience to ensure your investment property is meticulously managed to achieve the best possible returns. Your property will be diligently managed by our boutique team dedicated to ensuring seamless property management for every landlord and tenant.

We expertly manage the property including:

  • Accurate appraisal and recommendations on maximising your return
  • Marketing the property to the appropriate target audience
  • Quality tenant selection
  • Timely rent collection, payments, reporting and reviews
  • Thorough routine inspections and maintenance coordination
  • Financial reporting and market updates

Complimentary initial meeting

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Want to take the next step ?

We are happy to meet with you at our office or a convenient location for a complimentary, no obligation meeting. We will discuss your property aspirations and how our team can assist you on the journey for a successful property transaction