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Navigating Melbourne's Property Market Leading Up to Christmas

As the festive season approaches, the Melbourne property market undergoes its own unique rhythm, prompting many potential buyers to wonder about the dynamics they might encounter in their quest for a new home. Historically, this time of the year has been associated with a blend of anticipation, a last-minute rush, and a subtle shift in market activity.


The Pre-Christmas Rush

In the lead-up to Christmas, Melbourne often experiences a flurry of activity in the property market. Buyers who have been diligently searching for their dream home throughout the year may intensify their efforts, hoping to secure a property before the holidays. Real estate agents also tend to ramp up their marketing strategies to attract these last-minute buyers.


Factors Driving the Rush:


Year-End Deadlines: Some buyers might be motivated by personal or financial deadlines to finalise a property purchase before the end of the year.

Desire for Settlement Before the New Year: Purchasers aiming for a smooth transition into their new home might be keen on completing the buying process before the calendar flips to January.

Perception of Opportunity: Sellers who have had their properties on the market for a while might be more open to negotiations, creating opportunities for buyers.

The Quietude of January

Contrary to the pre-Christmas rush, the property market in Melbourne typically slows down during January. Many people are occupied with holiday plans, relaxation, or simply taking a break from major decisions. This lull in activity often extends through the early weeks of the new year.  You can expect things to ramp up again from mid to late January, with typically late February/early March hosting ‘Super Saturday’s’.


Reasons for the January Quietness:


Holiday Season: The holiday period, encompassing Christmas and New Year’s, becomes a priority for many, diverting attention away from property transactions.

Reluctance to Engage: Buyers and sellers alike might hold off on major decisions until the holiday season concludes, leading to a temporary decline in market activity.

The Melbourne market is very resilient and traditionally stable, however, it’s pertinent to consider recent trends and external factors that might influence the market leading up to Christmas.


Melbourne has recorded a marginally stronger dwelling price gain of +0.5% in October, following the September’s +0.4% increase. This momentum is slightly lower in comparison to the previous quarter’s +1.2% gain, which showed a slight easing down from +1.3%. (National Australia Bank)


January saw a bottoming out of the market, however Melbourne’s dwelling values have demonstrated a resilient ascent, rising by an impressive +4.5%. This upward trajectory underpins the market’s steady recovery and resilience despite various challenges posed over recent months.


Tips for Buyers Navigating the Holiday Market:


Be Prepared: Ensure your finances and necessary documents are in order to act swiftly if you find the right property. Pre-auction offers are becoming more and more prevalent!

Flexible Negotiation: Be open to negotiation, as sellers might be more willing to compromise during this time.

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on the market trends and seek advice from real estate professionals to make informed decisions.

Patience in January: If you miss out on a property in December, don’t despair. Opportunities might arise in the quieter weeks of January.

As the holiday season approaches, Melbourne’s property market showcases its unique patterns. Whether you’re caught up in the pre-Christmas rush or opting for a quieter start to the new year, understanding these trends can help you navigate the market effectively and make informed decisions in your property search.


Remember, each year can bring slight variations, so keeping a finger on the pulse of the market is key to making the most of your property buying journey in Melbourne.  For more insights or assistance in securing your next property, call Kristy Caskey on 0408166944 or Alastair Mairs on 0450109243.

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